Savvy Minerals Beauty Boutique Resource Pack

Whatever you do, make sure you get this book. It gives you everything you need to present Young Living's full line of products (oils, supplements, ART skin care, nutritional) from a beauty aspect:

Saving Face Book (YL SPECIFIC):

This resource pack contains affiliate links which support our team Marketing Scents website and blog, and the preparation of materials for Young Living Independent Members


Beauty Boutique Leader Booklet Savvy Minerals

Download and print this full booklet to learn and teach your Savvy Minerals. We print ours at a print shop, and have them spiral bound with clear plastic cover and black backing.

Beauty Boutique Leader Booklet includes the following sections:

  1. Full Color Cover and graphics with product pricing
  2. Cosmetic Ingredients: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
  3. How To Host a Savvy Mineral Beauty Boutique Checklist
  4. Savvy Minerals FAQs by Carol Yeh-Garner
  5. Savvy Minerals Beauty Boutique Shopping List
  6. 5 Reasons to Wear Savvy Mineral Makeup

Also includes a flyer to order with Basic Starter Kit and digital shopping list link

Savvy Minerals Colormatch Class List by Reagan King

Here's my must have list for hosting a Savvy Minerals Beauty Boutique, from this blog post, plus a few of my extra favorites:

Class Clipboards:
Cosmetic Container for Foundation:
Kabuki Makeup Brush Set:
Silver Makeup Brush Set:
Lip Gloss Applicators (pack of 100):
Organic Cotton Rounds:
Stand Up Mirror:
Sample Cups:
Sample Plates:

Beauty School case:

(Copy this Savvy Minerals Beauty Boutique Digital Shopping List, and save it to a note on your phone or computer for future use)

Tammy Boley

Get Savvy today!